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Below are some local area links with information on the local cities, county, local attractions, schools and more.

Local Government


The Town of Belleair. Government, community, events, etc.

Belleair Beach

City of Belleair Beach, Official site.

Clearwater Government Info

Information about utilities, city events, government, etc.


Information about the city of Dunedin. Government, events, attractions, etc.


Oldsmar government site

Palm Harbor

All about Palm Harbor, Florida

Safety Harbor

City of Safety Harbor official site


City of Seminole community information


Tampa guide for citizens and visitors

Tarpon Springs

City of Tarpon Springs website. "Where culture and fun collide"



Visitor information for Clearwater, Florida


Countryside High School

Countryside High School Website. Students are from Clearwater, Safety Harbor, Palm Harbor and East Lake areas also attend Countryside

East Lake High School

East Lake High School located in Tarpon Springs

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Local Weather

Local Weather

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